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Washing Plant is a piece of the Articles of clothing industry. Where piece of clothing item get a legitimate synthetic or natural treatment to future utilize. Here in Bangladesh it's getting to be plainly mainstream to the little speculator to setup a washing plant and work together. Be that as it may, this is an exceptionally work escalated work and delicate as well. A basic slip-up will convey you to the ground.                                                      What's more, for this you require a legitimate business answer for your washing plant business to keep up appropriate track for business process, generation and conveyance.




So this has turned out to be vital to coordinate the attire business with data innovation. This is the time of data innovation and it has one of the colossal welcome called Venture Asset Arranging (ERP). This is a device that guarantee successful coordination between the business branches of the association to the immediate generation process by giving focused data investigation and conjecture what's to come.


Pridesys ERP is extraordinary compared to other ERP for this industry, which is created in Bangladesh for nearby business patterns and practice, however with the global standard.


Pridesys ERP offer the majority of the key highlights which will enable you to guarantee your completive leeway and which to will lead you the achievement.

  • Proper checking and control
  • Accurate arranging and planning of requests
  • Better information expectations
  • Quick reaction to inquiry
  • On-line nitty gritty data
  • Effective Generation Administration
  • Effective Concoction/Formula Administration
  • Effective Stock Mangement
  • Control General cost
  • Proper Work Administration