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ERP for Insurance Company | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence


Insurance Company is representing a complicated form of business where massive administrative and paper work done every day and numerous departments. As a result huge amount of data generates in insurance company every day. The most important is each of those data is important to the customer and for the company too.

Insurance companies are related to the financial industries which means money is essential and mandatory factor for this area. Basically money is the main issue. And information related with company and customer is the money making factor. So maintain these information and performing required business process perfectly is really a tough job. Company and customer can incur loss any time, if customer incur loss then the company is the ultimate victim that means in both scenario company will be in loss.

To minimize these losses Pridesys ERP is offering the best system solutions for your company. Which will help you to maintain proper information and customer relation.

Some Key features from Pridesys ERP:

Consumer Durables ERP Company | Pridesys IT Ltd

Consumer Durables ERP Company | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence

Client Durable

Pridesys ERP solutions are customized tools to meet the need of companies in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods, consumer packaged goods and consumer durables. Pridesys solutions will ensure your maximum profitability by giving you visibilities across completed supply chains and enables you to response quickly to the consumers according their demands.

Pridesys will provide you the strength of facing challenges like unpredictable trends, short life cycles and long procurement lead time.


ERP Software For The Food And Beverage Industry | Pridesys IT Ltd

ERP Software For The Food And Beverage Industry | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence | Food & Beverage Overview

Food & Beverage is the sector of complexities, where the challenges like regulatory compliance, quality, perishability, faster inventory changes, timely delivery etc. is regular scenario. But Pridesys provides all the solutions to face these changes.

Whatever the sector in food industries you are in, Pridesys solution offer improved policy and efficiency for your business. Pridesys includes services like faster transaction service in the POS, customer and demand tracking, monitoring food life cycle from initial ingredients to the finished product, shipment and final delivery, it means from A to Z solution for the industries. Maintain a proper inventory system with multiple units of measure with accurate product cost is another vital feature from Pridesys Solution.


Helps we offer for your success:

  • Food safety regulation
  • Product and raw material tracking
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Improve visibility of management and planning
  • Cost control
  • Maintain inventory level
  • Better customer experience

ERP Software For Footwear Industry | Pridesys IT Ltd

ERP Software For Footwear Industry | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence

Footwear is the one of the biggest and most important segment of the Leather industries. This industry produces large unites of shoes, sandals and slippers. During last two decades lots of small and medium manufacturer turned into big and all of them are adopting modern and state of the art technologies to produce quality products maintaining international standards.

For this massive industry huge amount of data is generating regularly and to handle this amount of data you need a proper system solution. Pridesys IT is offering you Pridesys ERP to handle your industry and which will also help you to do industry automation.

The process and workflow is complex from other type of industry, so this need special type of care and analysis. This industry faces problems like unfavorable frequency of orders, changing trends and market requirements, continues presser for better value, tighter cost and regulations.

So to face and make a positive return from your investment, Pridesys ERP can help you to do better. We assure that with the proper configuration Pridesys ERP will bring success closer to you.


ERP Software For Chemical Industry | Pridesys IT Ltd

ERP Software For Chemical Industry | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence


If you are a supplier of commodity, intermediate and tertiary products, then Pridesys has the flexibility to help you chemical industries’ challenges and capitalize from your opportunities. This industry follow the trend of low margins, high level unit sales and high cost, so you need tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations to ensure maximum profit.

Pridesys enterprise software solution tools help you to achieve manufacturing efficiency and flexibility, this will also ensure the improve customer service and managerial control over the business.


Customization of ERP Software | Pridesys IT Ltd

Customization of ERP Software | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence
Pridesys offers a total solutions for your business, but no two businesses are alike, so Pridesys will provide you a solution which have the ability of customization according to the need of your unique business.

Similarly not only the business but also the people or your employee have different natures and requirements. So we offer a solution for you which is configurable according to the requirement.

You will be able to change the look of the interface keeping with your company brand. You can even incorporate your existing data with Pridesys ERP even if those are from a different platform. Pridesys ERP can adopt any kind of special data processing system for a little or no cost.

In case of upgrade situation you don’t need to worry about anything, you’ll be informed automatically when the update is needed. And sometimes you’ll get expert suggestions from us to keep your business solution up to date with the business world.


Pos Software Company In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

Pridesys ERP lets you run your entire business through the register. Find out how you can take your Pos to the next level here. Pridesys IT is leading Pos Software Company In Bangladesh | Pridesys Point of Sale




Pridesys Point of Sales offers a superior experience to your sales personal and also to your customer. Pridesys POS includes all kind of features that you need to accomplish all of your in-store requirements. It’s a flexible n-tier architecture solution which enables the high degree of extensibility and interoperability. And it’s also an “always-on” design, so you will be able to sale and handle your customer even if your machine connection is lost from the database and data will synchronize when the connection is up. With easily managed security options and POS environment friendly features Pridesys POS will ensure a smooth sales environment, maintained customer relation and cash collection.

The Benefits of PRIDESYS Point of Sale
On-line and off-line trading functionality.
Real-time and remote access.
Easy, lucrative and informative interface with touch screen support.
Hassel free and easy implementation.
Easy maintenance.
Flexible but strong security system.